Planning your Transition Year?

As the Junior Certificate start date fast approaches some schools have released transition year work experience dates to their students for the school year 2018/2019.  Around the country these programmes can differ with some schools building in adventure and sports based weeks.  If you are one of those students considering a week of sports why not try a week or weeks in Malta with Sailcoach.  Many sailors will know others that have spent some time in Malta with Sailcoach founder Trevor Millar and coaches Alex and Milosz.  Quite a number of our sailors have competed at international regattas with Sailcoach as their support.  

Would you like to train in Malta as part of a team from your sailing club?  Then get in touch with your Laser Class Captain and then Trevor Millar who is more than happy to create a package to suit your needs.  Full details on Sailcoach’s Transition Year Programmes can be found here.  Many of the photographs featured on this link show transition year sailors from Royal Cork who spent the month of November 2016 in Malta.