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Subject: Hull identity numbers
From Paraic
01 March 2012 at 18:35:21

Anyone able to decode UK laser hull numbers? For example, GB PSE LS 0989 H202. I have figured out this much: GB: Great Britian PSE: Performance Sailcraft Europe LS: ???? 0989: ????? H: August 2: 2002 build model 02: build in 2002 I can find PLENTY of info for decoding US manufactured hulls, but those built in Europe seem to use a different method...


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From Ron
01 March 2012 at 23:12:17

I'm not entirely sure why you would be that interested in the numbers that are used by Performance Sailcraft Europe to distinguish batches of Lasers. The only possible exception being the year of manufacture - and you seem to have identified that. The ONE number that is vitally important is the six digit unique hull number as this same number is also the sail number for the boat (and is the number expected at all Laser events).