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Subject: Senior 4.7 fleet
From Katie
02 February 2011 at 13:35:57

Hi, Katie here, it was mentioned at the AGM back in august about a senior 4.7 fleet in order to accommodate those among us who are over 18 and will never safely sail a radial. Just wanna gather up some opinions from people about what they think, Is is a good idea or not? The plan I was thinking of would be to just put (S) beside competitors names and maybe have a first senior male and female prize, trial it for 3/5 years to see if we can get a turn out after some publicity work and scrap it if doesn't work. In relation to international racing it doesn't really fit in but the europa cup allow female sailor from the age of 12+ with no upper age limit. Anyway let me know your suggestions Thank you Katie


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03 February 2011 at 00:55:38

Hi Katie, If there are enough numbers to make it work, it sounds like a fine idea, especially if it helps to increase the number of members of our class and also the number of people at events. If it does succeed in building the number of 4.7s at the regional events the PROs will have to set the race course slightly differently to avoid the increasing trend of the full rig final positions being impacted as they catch up with 4.7 fleet by the last beat. I imagine this is no fun for the 4.7's either as their positions are impacted by how many full rigs sail over them rather than sailing well and choosing the correct side of the beat. By the way, do you know if it is possible for members to get a copy of the minutes from the AGM for last year. It sounds like there was some good discussion and ideas at the meeting.

From Katie
03 February 2011 at 02:26:04

I'll try Ron and ask him to email me a set and pass it onto you, I'll leave a message for you as soon as I get a reply. We brought up changing the course at the AGM but we would have to submit a written proposal.